What Have I Done Today ?

Recently, I bought a book titled “52 Lessons For Life”, written by Judith Williamson, based on the teachings of Napoleon Hill. I must say that I have found the book extremely helpful, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking for self-improvement. One of the things that impressed me in the book was the reference to an anonymous poem titled “Today”.

I did some searching on Google and could not actually pinpoint the author – one site attributes the poem to Nixon Waterman. I would, however, like to share the poem here, because it is very meaningful.

I shall do much in the years to come,

But what have I done today?

I shall give out gold in a princely sum,

But what did I give today?

I shall lift the heart and dry the tear,

I shall plant a hope in the place of fear,

I shall speak the words of love and cheer,

But what did I speak today?

I shall be so kind in the after while,

But what have I done today?

I shall bring to each lonely life a smile,

But what have I brought today?

I shall give to truth a grander birth,

And to steadfast faith a deeper worth,

I shall feed the hungering souls of earth,

But whom have I fed today?

I shall reap such joys in the by and by,

But what have I sown today?

I shall build us mansions in the sky,

But what have I built today?

`Tis sweet in the idle dreams to bask;

But here and now, do we our task?

Yet, this is the thing our souls must ask,

What have I done today ?

 This one is meant for all of us who have wonderful intentions. Intentions that keep getting postponed to some day in the future. The day in the future never comes. The time to do something is NOW. Each time we hear ourselves voicing some future intention, the question to ask would be – What have I done today ?


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  1. really inspiring,I am reminded of the following lines
    Yesterday is a cancelled cheque,
    Tommorow is a promissory note,
    Today is ready cash ,use it !

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