16 Short Stories Of Greatly Touching Pictures

This afternoon, I got a forwarded mail from an email-friend of mine, Dr Syed Ghulam Nazre Ather. I call him an email-friend because we have never met in person, and got in touch with each other online, through Authorstream, where I share many of my presentations. Since then, we have been exchanging emails and sharing presentations and inspiring articles etc.

I have, over the period of last couple of years, received some amazing emails from him – mails that inspire, mails that teach compassion, mails that are motivating, and above all, highly educating. I have most of his mails safely tucked away in my mail-box and go through them at times when I am looking for inspiration and motivation.

The mail that I received today had a powerpoint attachment called “16 Short Stories Of Greatly Touching Pictures“, and here is what Dr Syed wrote in the covering mail:

“A must see !!!!!! 

These pictures tell a story of humility, brutality, ignorance and helplessness of human being.

Please review and pray that we, in our life time, are able to bring a closure to some of the issues described in these pictures.  

All praise is to Allah SWT.”

Indeed, each of these pictures tell a story, and I have uploaded the powerpoint for you to see right here. I would rather not say anything further, and let the pictures speak for themselves. And speak they do, with loud and clear messages. Please share ahead if you wish.

16 Short Stories Of Greatly Touching Pictures

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