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I decided to add this new section on the blog, primarily because Customer Service is one of my core training areas, and is also a subject that I am passionate about. As a Customer Service Coach / Trainer, I am always looking for examples to share with the trainees, and several of my students had, in fact asked me to share these examples / experiences via my blog, so here I am.

One major pitfall with being a trainer in this area is that one tends to get too critical of others, and one is constantly evaluating and judging others, which is not always a good thing. For example when I deal with any service establishment, I do a kind of mental check-list to see which of my expectations were met, and which were not. More often than not, I tend to share my opinion with the establishment concerned. A few of them take it with a pinch of salt, a few seriously, and some customer-focused companies not only appreciate this feedback, but also come back to me telling me how they took note of my suggestion, what changes they made and what were the results of those changes.Of course, there are those organisations too, who frown upon any outsider trying to tell them how to conduct their business.

Nevertheless, I am trying to curb this habit of mine, and have instead decided to share my observations here on the blog. Another reason for starting this category is to share anything that serves to highlight the essence of customer service – be it an anecdote, a personal observation, or the experiences of others as shared by them. Hopefully, readers will find them useful !

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