Death Of A Collective Conscience

extinguished candleIt was reported by the media that she finally lost the battle and died early this morning at the Singapore hospital where she was flown for treatment.

Wrong. She did not die today. Today was just the final act of leaving the broken and shattered body. She must have died a thousand deaths, from the moment that she boarded that bus on that ill-fated evening.  She must have died every minute from the moment she was assaulted by the barbarians on the bus. She must have relived that horror in every conscious moment that she had in between.

You and I can only imagine what she would have been through, based on whatever reports that we have seen on the media. We can only shudder in horror at the thought of something like this happening to a young girl on our streets. But you and I can never ever come close to imagining the horrible agony this poor kid would have gone through.

And yet, we must admire her spirit. We must admire her very brave fight to cling on to life, right till the very end. Damini, Amanat.. are some of the names by which the media referred to her, but in my view, the name given to her by one newspaper – Nirbhaya – the fearless one – would be perhaps the most apt one to remember her by.

No. She did not die today. What died today was our collective conscience as a nation. What died today was our faith in the system, and our faith in our government. What died today was hope. Because we allowed something like this to happen to one of our children, in our country, in our city, in our very own backyard.

May this brave soul rest in peace.

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  1. May she find rest in peace.
    She will never be forgotten.

  2. I certainly hope that she will not be forgotten.

  3. I certainly hope that she will not be forgotten.

  4. if only, all six are given capital punishment.

  5. Agreed. This poor kid did not deserve to die. A life cut brutally short.


  7. People willing… As god has given up …. The laws r chnged n implemented and carried out…..

  8. Face of modern India brutally battered, scarred wounded and finally… Let the girls’s soul rest in peace.. I pray that this would be a catalyst for more forceful, peaceful and meaningful movements for the betterment of our society.

  9. This has become “the rarest of rare cases” death penalty shud be imposed now.

  10. Absolutely, Aditya.. this charge of murder under sec 302 should be applicable now, so the case certainly qualifies for being treated as “rarest of rare” now.

  11. Sharing what my friend Jatinder Kapur shared on his wall – QUOTE – “If they can send Victim to Singapore for better Treatment.. I suggest they should send Accused to Saudi Arabia for better Justice !!!” – UNQUOTE

  12. Correct Rajiv Bajaj. They raped her and a whole nation realises that it’s long been ripped of it’s humanity. What is happening now is a society trying to find moral comfort through demonstrations and expressions of indignation.Read More…

  13. Comment from a friend on this post in Google+ .. ” every life has a destiny to fulfill. it was her’s to awaken our conscience and to finally take a stand against this..”

  14. True…the Braveheart might have lost her battle for life but she did teach Young India to fight!….May she rest in peace and may we all not rest till we make our society safe for our girls!

  15. We need to carry on the CALL she came to Deliver us !! R I P

  16. @usha singh – Absolutely. It would be an insult to her memory if we turn complacent once again.

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