Passengers – An Airline Employee’s Perspective !

passengersA hilarious one that has been sitting in my inbox for a long time, but still worth sharing, nevertheless. Those in the airline industry, particularly airport staff, will immediately identify with it. Original author is unknown, but it is a brilliant perspective from an airline staffer’s point of view.


This is so true, unfortunately. However, there are always positive exceptions… Love to all who know the job and those who have had to listen to my “stories from work”.

Today’s Passenger

Dedicated to the stalwart employees in today’s airline industry, active and retired, who are, or have, worked the “trenches” at an airport and those behind the lines who are, or have, supported them.

Dear Passengers,

Quit whining all the time.

As a 20 year veteran airport customer service agent I am so tired of hearing whining and complaining passengers all day long. If I went to your jobs and acted like many of you do at the ticket counters, in the gate areas and on the planes I would probably be arrested. First of all, read signs and quit expecting us to treat you like little kids. You can’t find your way to a bathroom?  Can’t read a boarding pass?

Act like you are “entitled” to a certain seat on the plane.  You don’t own the plane, you just rent the seat for the duration of the flight; remember that!  You wanted cheaper fares?  Well, join the other former Greyhound patrons who are now flying.  You wonder why that 300 lb woman with a handful of teeth and body odour using multiple seatbelt extensions is sitting next to you? She can now afford it, thanks to you.

  • You complained when food was served and now you complain that it is not served. 
  • Can’t figure out how to go through security checkpoints?
  • Do you want me to “Map Quest” it for you?  Never read any sign anywhere in the airport and then say “nobody told you where to go?” I’ll tell you where to go. 
  • You come with a bad attitude when everything is on time and you’re late.  What did you want?…….., us to hold the plane for you? 
  • You’d be the first one to complain if the flight was held for someone else and is late. 
  • You get mad when the flights are full and then when the flights are half full, you want us to complimentary place you in first class out of the kindness of our hearts.  This is a BUSINESS! The object is to make MONEY!  Last time I checked this is an airline.  If you want to move call Bekins or Van Lines. They are the ones with the trailers.  Besides you don’t need to bring everything you own for the weekend.
  • Yes, sometimes we do have some attitude.  It’s probably due to dealing with some of you idiots who fly today. 
  • We are NOT babysitters or Psychiatrists. We did not have an “attitude” when we started in this business so I wonder where it came from. Saying NO does not mean we are rude, it means you don’t get everything just because YOU want it.
  •  Again, this is a BUSINESS – NOT lets make a deal !   Use some common sense and quit acting stupid. Bring your BRAIN to the airport. You seem to want to bring everything else. 
  • Our pay is downsized and our staff is downsized so guess what, we are not happy campers on the other side of that counter. Remember that when you ask for the 5th time in 5 minutes when are you going to board the flight. It’s still half an hour before departure . . . as it’s ALWAYS been.
  • Oh yeah, contrary to what you might think .. or you might try reading it as the boarding time is printed on your boarding pass along with the GATE NUMBER !!!


Your Airline Agent


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  1. Himanshu Dev, NP Yadav, Kamal Deep Singh Kapoor,Kushal Ramyad, Rajesh Nanda.. does this sound familiar ?? 😀

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