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OK… so it is the first day of the E-Learning & Digital Cultures MOOC on Coursera – my second MOOC so far, and I am starting this blog to document my own progress as I move through the program. I have just finished watching the introductory videos, and am now exploring the forums and also the resource links. I have also joined the Facebook group for EDCMOOC and have just finished posting my introduction there.Here it is.

Hello everyone. Greetings from New Delhi, India. My name is already visible so I guess I don’t have to repeat that here 🙂

Formerly from the Aviation industry, I am now in the tourism marketing business. I have a keen interest in training, and I’m also an ISTD certified trainer, actively involved with trainings for the last 7 years. I’m a visiting faculty with several institutes and have a keen interest in online education.

I have my own website – – where I share my work with my students, and it is also a platform where I love to share motivational stuff. I am also very keen to develop this into an online learning platform, which is what brings me to this course. I also have a long-term vision of launching industry-specific online learning programs within my trade, and I am eager to learn everything possible about digital cultures, online education, and also the related technologies.

As of now, I’m not too sure about what exactly my expectations from this course are, but I do know that at the end of the program I would have learned something of value – something that I would be able to incorporate into my future plans.

This is my second MOOC – I have just finished the Foundations Of Virtual Learning MOOC on Coursera, and there too we had a Facebook group. One thing that I am sure of is that in the days to come we will probably see people actively supporting each other and helping each other. In the previous MOOC, I was almost ready to quit mid-way, but the support and encouragement from the Facebook study group kept me going, and finally I made it. I expect no less here as well 🙂

I have been an active participant in the previous course as well, and I will try my best to continue being one here as well. I am good at finding resources online, I love technology, and I am an above average computer user, with a knack for software and troubleshooting, and I have researched online learning fairly well over the last few months, so hopefully I should be able to make some contribution to the group here.

I can also say that based on my past experience in an online study group, each member who contributes adds some value to the discussions, be it in the form of advice, or sharing of useful resources, or support for those lagging behind, and I am hoping to have a great interaction with everyone.

Phew…. Long answer, but so was the list of questions, and I hope I have managed to address them all 😀

The above was posted by me on the EDCMOOC Facebook Study Group, in response to the below post from the group admin, asking members to respond to the following questions:

1) Where are you from?
2) Something about yourself.
3) What brought you to this course?
4) What is your expectation? What do you envision you will say after the course is finished?
5) What do you expect to find and get home from this group?
6) How do you envision you will be contributing to that?
7) Particular competencies and abilities. Please mention wide, you will be surprised how talent-diversity plays such an important role in a group like ours, where every single ability has much value to the groups purpose.

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