World Builder – A “Touchy” Issue #edcmooc

My imagination was set afire after watching this video and I was sorely tempted to write another satire on this one as well, but considering that I have been travelling for work most of this week and have a lot of catching up to do with this week’s resources, I shall spare you, my dear reader, the agony of having to read through what I would otherwise consider to be a humorous post, and shall stick to the bare-bone facts in this case, because creative writing (that’s my interpretation – you are welcome to yours :D) requires time and effort. And time is a luxury that I cannot afford this week, and even the next week, for that matter.  Work pressures are taking more and more of my time and I am struggling to just hang in here and stick it out to the end. But stick it out I shall, and try to do my best to take this MOOC to its logical conclusion. And now, coming back to the business at hand…

In some ways, this video is reminiscent of the videos “A Day Made Of Glass” and “New Media”…. It portrays an incredibly futuristic world where simulation rules supreme, and the human has the ability of using technology to conjure up anything using a touch technology. Not only is the human capable of conjuring up anything, he is capable of doing anything he desires just using his “touch” and gestures. Touch makes him a super-human. He is capable of simulating a camera, capture images just by gesturing, and move large objects around just be gesticulating. He is capable of creating great buildings just by touching and gesturing. The motion of his fingers moving things through the air makes everything happen, almost as if he is waving a magic wand. With his bare hands, he is creating a beautiful world. He can simulate a colour palette and pull it out of thin air, mix colours of his choice, and use those to colour the world that he has created.

He can create textures, flooring, walls and whatever he wishes just by touch and gestures, and surprisingly, he can also create “nature”  !!! He can cause a tree to spring up and grow green leaves, a flower to sprout and colour it with precision so that it gets just the right shade. He can even control sunlight, if you please. And all this in a matter of minutes. Watching him in action, the makers of this video would have you believe that technology is now capable of controlling even nature – so does that make even God redundant ? I shudder to even think of the implications.

BUT, surprisingly, our human is unable to conjure up other human beings to share this world with. This oh-so-perfect world so lovingly crafted by the human is devoid of humans. So what kind of a world has he built ? A fantasy world that he has no one to share with. A cold and impersonal world that has no warmth and appeal.A world created by “touch” but missing the human touch.

Definitely not my idea of a world of the future that I would like to live in.

Your thoughts ?

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  1. I’m looking at the page on my note pad where I was scribbling while I watched ‘World Builder’. My very first comment… “Man as God? Designing plants and trees? I don’t like it.”

    I forgave him later, though, when I realised he was simulating what nature had already created. Still, I get where you’re coming from and I also wondered why his lovely wife had to explore the simulation alone.

    • Thank you, Ruth.. I had similar thoughts as well. I am a technology freak, in the sense that I love computers and what they are capable of, and I spend a lot of my time online. But I draw the line at putting technology above nature and God.

      Simulation or not, to me it was something unthinkable that a human would be doing these acts. And yes, you are also so right that he is so alone in this simulated world that he has built. Whatever happened to relationships and the joy of bonding ?

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