Professional Services By Rajiv Bajaj

Professional Services – Rajiv Bajaj

Training Content Development & Delivery

Professional Services by Rajiv Bajaj and his associates include customized solutions, depending on the client’s requirements, for Training & Development in the following areas:

  • Aviation
    • Aviation Security
    • Ground Services
    • Regulatory Issues
    • Reservations, Ticketing & Fares
  • Travel & Tourism
    • Destination Management
    • Events
    • Adventure
    • Leisure
  • Hospitality
    • Front Office Management
    • Food & Beverage Service
    • Marketing & Sales
  • Customer Service
    • Customer Service Audits
    • Mystery Shopper Surveys & Assessment
    • Customer Relationship Management
  • Interpersonal Skills / Soft Skills
    • Behavioral Skills
    • Professional Etiquette
    • Cross Cultural Communication
    • Grooming
  • Communication Skills
    • Business Communication
    • Interpersonal Communication
    • Computer Skills

Each assignment is treated as unique and individual, and customized solutions are offered.

Professional Powerpoint Presentations

Make a powerful impression. Run-of-the-mill presentations that come straight out of the box are commonly seen in almost every organization, but when it comes to making a lasting impression, the out-of-the-box presentation may not suffice. When it really matters, you may need to think outside the box to come up with presentations that speak for themselves and leave the desired impression. We assist you to prepare high quality, high-impact Powerpoint presentations on any subject, on assignment basis. You will be able to see specimens of the work that we do on several pages on this site.

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