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The difference between a good presentation and a great presentation is the technique applied. Run-of-the-mill corporate presentations are a dime a dozen. Because presentations that come out of the box called Powerpoint can rarely be considered as out-of-the-box, if you know what I mean.

For a corporate presentation to stand out, it must be hard-hitting. it must be direct, and it must convey what it wishes to convey, without losing the interest of the target audience. Most importantly, a good presentation should not appear to be just another powerpoint. Powerpoint is a brilliant program, but in the wrong hands, it can kill – it can quickly kill the interest of the target audience. And that’s how the cliche of “Death By Powerpoint” came about.

How Can I Help You With Your Corporate Presentations ?

I create powerful presentations for corporates – be it an introductory presentation, or a presentation for an event. Some examples of the work that I do are given below. For obvious reasons, I am not able to showcase all of my presentations here as they are specifically prepared for clients and are confidential in nature, but the below should give you an idea of what the work is like.

If you require a corporate presentation prepared for a specific purpose / event or a product related presentation, please do get in touch with me. I also prepare corporate presentations in video format.

The video presentations below are a few such examples, which were prepared for embedding on various websites.

The above presentation was used for online promotion of the event in social media, and had two shorter versions before this version was launched.

Here are some more :

I am also happy to share with you that my work was among the Top 1% Most Viewed on Slideshare in 2013.

slidesharemost viewed 2013

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