Lessons From Blackberry – How To Lose A LOYAL Customer – The Story Continues

There are times when even the best of brands goof up when it comes to handling complaint issues, and then there are brands who not only goof up and fail to apologise, but also compound the issue further by providing even worse service. Today’s narrative is just such a story.… Read Full Post

Lessons From Blackberry – How To Lose A LOYAL Customer In Two Days

I have been a loyal customer and supporter of Blackberry for several years now. Yes, I plead guilty of using a service that everyone else seems to be moving away from globally, because honestly, I have found the BB platform excellent as a business user, and have absolutely loved the… Read Full Post

Elements Of An Apology

Another gem from Seth Godin which I just had to share… “The disappointing thing is that most people and organizations that take the time to apologize intentionally express neither compassion nor contrition. If you can’t do this, hardly worth bothering. But it is worth bothering, because you’re a human. And… Read Full Post

Customers Don’t Buy Excuses !

Ever raised a concern about a product or a service with the seller, only to get an excuse in return ? The probable answer to this would be yes. Which brings me to the next, and most relevant, question. Did you buy it ? No, I’m not referring to the… Read Full Post

A Service Provider’s Ethical Dilemma

An Ethical Dilemma “Never say no when a client asks for something, even if it is the moon. You can always try, and anyhow there is plenty of time afterward to explain that it was not possible.” – Cesar Ritz, Hotelier Food for thought… For me this statement creates an… Read Full Post

Customer Perspective

“Not being in tune with your customers is like living in an alternate reality; the way you think your customers feel about your product is not always the same as what your customers really think about your product.” – Bo Bennett One sentence that brilliantly sums up what customer focus… Read Full Post

The Failed Prophecy – A Customer Service Perspective !

A disappointed customer sends the following email to the head of Customer Service at Mayan Prophecies Inc. Dear Sir, For many years now, I have been a loyal subscriber to the services and prophecies of Mayan Inc, and have been lapping them up. As a matter of fact, I have… Read Full Post

How NOT To Treat Customers

One of the pitfalls of being a Customer Service Trainer is that one tends to evaluate each experience with a service / retail organisation with a critical eye, and I admit that I am no exception to this, because I like to cite these real experiences to the trainees as… Read Full Post

Technology Vs The Human Touch

I received a rather funny forwarded email from a friend of mine a few days ago, which prompted me to write this post. Whether the story given in the mail is true or not, it certainly is thought provoking. Here is how the story goes… 86-year Old Lady’s Letter to… Read Full Post

Dealing With Angry Customers

Dealing With Angry Customers – The Pressure Cooker Syndrome In almost any business that one can think of, dealing with angry customers is unavoidable at some point or the other. The reasons why customers get angry may differ according to the situation. However, when one analyses the root cause of… Read Full Post

The $4 Million Complaint Call

My good friend Jatinder Kapur shared this story on Facebook, which I thought was a must-share. Here is the story – Several years ago, a single problem customer changed the fate of my company. Here’s the story. In business, we’re often all about the numbers–occasionally to a fault. I’m not… Read Full Post

Customer Service Tips Category Added

I decided to add this new section on the blog, primarily because Customer Service is one of my core training areas, and is also a subject that I am passionate about. As a Customer Service Coach / Trainer, I am always looking for examples to share with the trainees, and… Read Full Post

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