Machines – Benefit Or Hazard – Blade Runner #edcmooc

For someone who is not even remotely a film buff, describing the utopian or dystopian aspects of a popular film is akin to asking a vegetarian to describe the taste and qualities of a tenderloin steak. For the life of me, I could not recall any sci-fi or other such… Read Full Post

The Overwhelm Returns ! #edcmooc

I had barely managed to shrug off the initial feeling of overwhelm yesterday, and had resumed studying the course materials with some confidence regained. However, today that feeling is back with a bang once again, as I struggle with Utopias, Dystopias, technological determinism and universalism. The more I read, the… Read Full Post

New Media – The Tentacles Of Technology #edcmooc

New Media Humanity in the tentacles of technology, A totally dystopian representation of a world that is on the mercy of technology, in my view. This video is quite similar to the Bendito Machine, or perhaps, can even be called a logical sequel to it, following the dystopian view-pint. While… Read Full Post

A Thursday ? No, This Is Water ! #edcmooc

Thursday As I watched this video, for a moment I could not but help recalling the opening scene of another video that I had watched just a few days ago. The video was based on David Foster Wallace’s famous 2005 Kenyon Commencement Address speech, and opens with this short story… Read Full Post

Utopian vs Dystopian – Two Sides Of The Same Coin #edcmooc

After having watched all the four suggested videos posted under Popular Cultures, I am still trying to analyze my thoughts on the Utopian as well as Dystopian views on technology, as depicted in the videos. Being a lover of computers as well as technology, my approach to technology has largely… Read Full Post

Introducing Myself on #edcmooc

OK… so it is the first day of the E-Learning & Digital Cultures MOOC on Coursera – my second MOOC so far, and I am starting this blog to document my own progress as I move through the program. I have just finished watching the introductory videos, and am now… Read Full Post

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