CTAs – The Essential Human Element of #edcmooc

Okay. So the course is officially over, with assessments and evaluations submitted, and results awaited. But yet it’s far from over for me. There is so much to reflect upon, and so much to follow through, and so many of the course resources that I have yet to engage with.… Read Full Post

Converting Powerpoint To Video

A post on the #EDCMOOC Facebook group had caught my attention this morning, whereby a member had asked a question concerning Powerpoint. More specifically, the question was about converting Powerpoint To Video, and what tools can be used for doing so. Since I have been using Powerpoint for several years,… Read Full Post

Prisoners Of Our Own Self-Images – Avatar Days #edcmooc

A very long time ago – probably centuries ago, I had read something very profound in a book, that has stayed with me all these years. “We are all prisoners of our own self-images. We tend to behave in a manner that WE think people would expect us to behave.”… Read Full Post

True Skin Makes My Skin Crawl #edcmooc

As I watched this piece of fiction, a realization dawned on me – transhumanism ! I had read about the concept briefly, but the true meaning sunk in when I watched this video. And it made my skin crawl. I went right back to Wikipedia where I had first read… Read Full Post

Gumdrop – So Alive, Yet Not Human #edcmooc

Bubbly, vivacious, charming, cheerful and full of life. And yet not alive. This is Gumdrop, a thinking, feeling robot who is so “human”, and yet distinctly a machine. She has human values and principles – she doesn’t do hallucinogenics or nudity. She has aspirations of becoming an actress like many… Read Full Post

Sorry, Robbie, But You’re Not Human #edcmooc

Watching this video I could not help experiencing a sense of déjà vu..Shades of Blade Runner, perhaps ? It could well be a replicant from Blade Runner describing his final moments. Robbie.. the dying robot. Similar to the dying “replcants” of Blade Runner, seeking an extension of their soon-to-end life… Read Full Post

Technology In Education – My Digital Artefact For #edcmooc

A few days ago, I posted an article titled The Spinning Coin on this blog, wherein I had shared my view that whether one takes a Utopian view or a Dystopian view of technology, it is a matter of one’s individual perception. My digital artefact for this course is based… Read Full Post

EDCMOOC 2 Artefacts Wall – Please Post Your Link #edcmooc

A Padlet wall has been set up for curating the EDCMOOC 2 artefacts. Have you added your link there as yet ? All participants are requested to kindly add the link to their artefacts to the wall, so that we can curate all of them together. The link to access… Read Full Post

From Being Robotic To Being Human #edcmooc

Read This AT Your Own Risk ! Do you ever feel that you are being controlled by external forces and go through life almost mechanically… working with robotic precision on tasks at hand, without being able to spare much thought on what you are doing ? Two extremely hectic, whirlwind… Read Full Post

The Spinning Coin #edcmooc

The battle royale between Utopia and Dystopia has been raging for centuries, but what is surprising is that neither side seems to be winning or losing. And at the same time, it also symbolizes the age-old co-existence of opposites. Something like the good co-existing with the bad, believers with non-believers,… Read Full Post

Hey ! Let’s Meat Up ! #edcmooc

The piece of meat that makes up my brain must be teeming with life of some kind in order to provoke these reactions in me that I am now sharing with you here. Who am I and what am I made of is the question that has been troubling me… Read Full Post

The failure of Udacity: lessons on quality for future MOOCs

The below article is republished from The Conversation, and is reproduced without any edits.   The failure of Udacity: lessons on quality for future MOOCs By Jason Lodge, Griffith University The promise was simple, but the idea couldn’t have been bigger. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) would make courses from… Read Full Post

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