World Builder – A “Touchy” Issue #edcmooc

My imagination was set afire after watching this video and I was sorely tempted to write another satire on this one as well, but considering that I have been travelling for work most of this week and have a lot of catching up to do with this week’s resources, I… Read Full Post

Heart To Heart ? My Technology Does It Better ! #edcmooc

This video would have one believe that a computer-to-computer interaction is impersonal, while a phone call is much more “human”. To some extent, I would agree with that, but then the question that arises is – aren’t the two protagonists still separated by distance, and the only thing that has… Read Full Post

Find Your Way To Real #edcmooc

After having spent almost three weeks in EDCMOOC and trying to stay afloat amid loads and loads of information, blog posts, tweets and what have you, I was wondering about the Week 3 photo contest. My first reaction was to not participate, as I am not particularly great with photo-editing… Read Full Post

Getting “Realistic” #edcmooc

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”  – Albert Einstein In this video, Toyota would have us believe that we live in an unrealistic world – so immersed in our technology-driven surroundings that we do not even experience the thrill of being alive. Everything around us is… Read Full Post

Technology Vs The Human Touch #edcmooc

This article was originally posted by me on 12 Aug 2012 on my personal blog from a customer service perspective – a representation of how technology is reducing the human interaction in business transactions. I am sharing it here once again as it is still relevant from the perspective of… Read Full Post

Okay.. So I’m Not A Blogject #edcmooc

Objects that blog…. An interesting concept, and new to me, so that’s another new thing I have learned from EDCMOOC – Objects That Blog. And I also noted with a sense of immense relief that I am not one. I’m a human that blogs – a blogger in plain and… Read Full Post

Future Of Social Media ? Let’s Come To Grips With The Present First #edcmooc

Ubiquitous. A word that I had heard some years ago, but never really bothered to really fix it into my vocabulary. Well it’s fixed good and proper now. All thanks to technology, to social media and lastly, to EDCMOOC. Being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time; omnipresent.… Read Full Post

Metaphorically Speaking #edcmooc

I am literally Drowning In A Sea Of Information, and yet I am starved for knowledge.  When I enrolled in the EDC MOOC, little did I realize what I was heading for.  This being my second MOOC, I thought it would be somewhat like another one that I had just… Read Full Post

Sight – A Disturbing Vision And A Disconnect With Reality #edcmooc

All life is a game. SIGHT is a disturbing representation of a mind distorted by gaming. A mind so addicted to gaming that it treats life itself as a game.  A sort of “gamification” of life, if I may use the term that is being floated by many of the… Read Full Post

Speechless – Technology Speaks Up #edcmooc

Good feelings guaranteed. This one will make you smile and appreciate technology. In all the videos that we have been discussing over the last couple of weeks, we have looked at varying representations of utopia, dystopia, technological determinism and what have you. However, when I first saw this shared on… Read Full Post

A Digitally Troubled Tomorrow #edcmooc

We have heard of technology continuously evolving and being shaped to meet the requirements of us ever-demanding humans. This video, however, adds a new dimension to this perspective – that of humans evolving to adapt to technology. Each passing year introduces us to paradigm shifts in the way we do… Read Full Post

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