The 17 Camels

Story Of The 17 Camels In an Arabian tribal village, an old man died and left behind 17 camels for his three sons. Shortly after the official mourning period was over, the sons opened his last will. The will was a rather strange one. It stated that the eldest son,… Read Full Post

The Making Of A Fence

Making Of A Fence Vs Building Bridges This short story – The Making Of A Fence – highlights how building bridges is far more beneficial than making of a fence, when it comes to human relationships. Making of a fence is, in a way, symbolic of how we close our… Read Full Post

A Very Subtle Message

FAQEER WATAYO is a Sindhi folklore character. On a very cold night his mother said: “Wataya! You are close to Allah. It’s very cold tonight, can’t you ask Allah to spare a little bit of fire from hell to keep poor people like us warm here?” Said Watayo – “Amma,There… Read Full Post

The Power of Simple Solutions

Simple Solutions – Sometimes The Obvious Is Not So Obvious My mail-box is a treasure-house of inspiring stories, all shared by good friends, and saved carefully by me over the years. On such gem is shared below, which highlights not only the power of simplicity and simple solutions, but also… Read Full Post

The Burden Of Grudge

One day, the sage gave the disciple an empty sack and a basket of potatoes. “Think of all the people who have done or said something against you in the recent past, especially those you cannot forgive. For each of them, inscribe the name on a potato and put it… Read Full Post

Shark In Our Midst

Another post inspired by an email from my friend, Dr Syed Ghulam Nazre Ather. The Japanese have always loved fresh fish. But the waters close to Japan have not held many fish for decades. So to feed the Japanese population, fishing boats got bigger and went farther than ever. The… Read Full Post

Life Explained

Life Explained: The Wolves Parable Whenever I have heard of life explained by wise men, almost always there has been the mention of the battle between the good and the bad. Of choices that we make which dictate our actions. Of the perpetual co-existence of God & the Devil –… Read Full Post

Don’t Judge Without Facts

So many times in life we leap to conclusions about various issues, because we are guided by our perceptions. We tend to judge others based on OUR perceptions of reality. And yet, we all know that perception and reality are not necessarily the same. Sometimes, our reasoning is clouded by… Read Full Post

Thank You For Your Time !

Thank You For Your Time ! I was going through my mail box today, clearing out old messages that were no longer relevant, or no longer required, and I stumbled across this forwarded mail from a friend, which I just HAD to share. I would like to reiterate here that… Read Full Post

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