Major D P Singh

Till a few days ago – 15 July 2012 to be precise – I had never heard of Major D P Singh, and on that day, a shared photograph with his story caught my attention on Facebook. The photograph is the one that you see on this page – I found it on the website of TedX SIBM Bangalore, and it was this photograph that was shared by Indian Army Fans Group on Facebook, along with a short write-up on the incredible yet inspiring story of Major D P Singh.

Some more searching brought me dozens of results on Google, and I found some videos of this very courageous man who cam back from the dead- quite literally. Not only did he come back from the dead, but he also came back with determination and grit so as to be able to prove to himself and to the whole world that not only would he refuse to accept the tag of “physically challenged”, but even went on to challenge the very disability that had once changed his life.

In 1999, during the Kargil war, a shell exploded next to Major D P Singh, and he was almost shredded to pieces. When he was brought into the hospital, the doctors at first glance declared him dead, and it was just a stroke of luck that one doctor who was present on the spot refused to give up on him and managed to resuscitate him. He eventually survived, and underwent several surgeries, but his leg had to be amputated. An ordinary person may have been shattered by this, but then, Major D P Singh is no ordinary person.  He was determined not be be treated like a victim. He was determined to give a new purpose to his life, which he did, and how !

After being fitted with his “blade” he took up the challenge that life had thrown his way, and slowly got into shape, and went on to become India’s first Blade Runner. Watch his interview to get an insight into what drives this very brave man who is now a living example of how one can overcome adversity.

Some more searching on Google brought me to the TedX SIBM Bangalore website, who had featured him as a speaker in their independently organised TedX event. During the talk where he shared his story with the audience, he comes across as a sincere and admirable person who is genuinely trying to serve as a source of motivation and inspiration to others like him, motivating them to make the transition from being physically challenged, to being “The Challenging Ones”.

Here is a man who is truly inspiring and motivating. I would like to salute the spirit of this Braveheart by being the first to be featured on this new section on “People Who Inspire”. He is a living example of what one can achieve, despite all odds, if one is determined enough.

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