Presentations By Rajiv Bajaj

Presentations By Rajiv Bajaj

Powerpoint Presentations by Rajiv Bajaj, which cover subjects as diverse as Communication Skills to Customer Service, Attitude to Aviation,  are extremely popular globally with students and educational institutions alike. As a trainer, he has prepared several presentations on Communication Skills, Interpersonal Relations, Attitude, Behaviour and Positivity. Apart from this, there are several presentations on different aspects of the Tourism & Aviation industry as well.

High Quality Presentations By Rajiv Bajaj

 Most presentations by Rajiv Bajaj are already available online on the following presentations sharing sites:



Many of these online presentations are also embedded on various sites such as the websites of educational institutions and universities, where they are used as study material by students. Some of these highly acclaimed presentations have also been featured on the website of Entrepreneur magazine. These presentations are Conversation – The Heart Of Communication, Do More With Powerpoint & Robin Sharma’s 21 Tips For Productivity. Besides this, there are countless other blogs and websites, as well as University study sites where some of these presentations are being used as standard reference material.

The presentations are embedded on the various sub-pages of this site and you can see a complete list of the subjects from the drop-down menu above. More presentations specifically on topics related to Motivation, Attitude, Self-Improvement, Ethics etc, are likely to be added to the site soon.

The presentations are available for downloading  free of cost on their respective pages, in PDF format. Access to the downloads, however, is restricted to registered users of this site.

Hope you enjoy them. And don’t forget to leave your comments & feedback.

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