Inter-Office Communication

Inter-Office Communication

Inter-Office Communication

Large business organizations which are spread over various branches and departments, as well as geographically, must have in place a good system for inter-office communication. The larger the size, the more is the level of inter-office communication or internal written communication taking place. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that every organisation is a network of communication. It is also an established fact that the more effective the communication within an organisation, the more effective is the organisation overall.

In fact, it is good internal communication that actually holds an organisation together. Many an organisation have discovered – at high costs – if I may add, the impact of poor internal communication. It is one of the major causes of why organisations fail.

Internal communication includes face-to-face, telephonic, letters, emails, faxes and instant messaging from –

  1. One department to another
  2. Employees to the manager and vice versa
  3. One branch to another
  4. Branch to the controlling office
  5. Sales personnel to field staff etc.

The larger the size of the organisation, the more complex is the structure of the internal communication taking place. However, for communication to be successful, communication, as well as the systems used for communication, must be as simple as possible.

The type of medium used would depend on the situation, as well as the importance and urgency of the situation.
Written communication, however, has certain distinct advantages, provided it follows some basic norms. First of all, the biggest advantage is that written words create a record of the communication, making it harder to refute. Secondly, a well-written communique is unambiguous so the probability of it being misunderstood is reduced.But that is not the only advantage there is.
In this presentation, we will attempt to showcase how written communication should take place within an organisation.

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