One of the persons that I really admire and follow closely is Robin Sharma, the author of several bestsellers and a motivational guru. I am subscribed to his blog and I keep receiving his updates and articles. You can visit his website by clicking here.

This presentation is based entirely on his fantastic article ” 21 Tips to Become the Most Productive Person You Know”. I take no credit whatsoever for this awesome article. Only the presentation format is mine, and this is my tribute to the master motivator.


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  1. how do i download this ppt

  2. Hi,
    your ppt on Robin Sharma’s 21 Tips For Productivity was great!will like to download it, request you to forward the ppt to mail

  3. @prakash. Thanks a lot for appreciating my work. You can download the pdf version from the Downloads page. However, you need to register on the site first, using the link at the top right-hand side of the page. Thanks !

  4. gr8 pdf…

    fck u man..i created d account….bt still unable 2 download…unable 2 resume again n again shit is displayed

    gud trick 2 get email n subscribers by making dem fool

    • Dear Friend Rajiv619,
      Thank you for your comment – which I could easily have avoided publishing. HOWEVER, I would like to point out the following to you:

      1. There is nothing wrong with the downloads, and it is sad that you are blaming my site for, perhaps, poor connectivity at your end due to which you are probably unable to download it.

      2. It has already been successfully downloaded 240 times before your attempt – you don’t have to take my word for it. All you need to do is read the counter on the download link.

      3. I don’t need any “tricks” to get subscribers to this site. It is a free service that I provide for anyone who wishes to use it, and also, I really don’t need people with a bad attitude as my subscribers, as that is against the very grain of what this blog is all about. If you had issues downloading it, you could have simply added a comment about download problems and I would gladly have mailed it to you.

      4. In order to ensure that you do not bear the consequences of being “tricked” into subscribing, I am removing your subscription forthwith. Also, just for your info, you do not need to be an email subscriber to download the pdf – you just need a log-in account. The two issues are unrelated, in case you hadn’t noticed.

      5. Please do not bother to respond to this comment – it is neither required nor will it be published.

      6. As a bonus for adding this comment, I am sending the pdf to you by email, along with another pdf on positive attitude, which may, perhaps, be of help in improving your attitude.


  5. sorry 4 my harsh words……………ur very humble…Thank you for all ur slides and pdf’s u attached sir in the email…..

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