Water Transportation And Tourism

Water Transportation And Tourism

water transportation and tourism rajiv bajaj

Water Transportation and Tourism have been interlinked ever since the beginning of time. Water based transportation was one of the earliest known forms of transport known to man. Today it is a giant industry and water-based tourism and activities are amongst the most popular.

Int this presentation on water transportation and tourism, we will attempt to understand what the various forms of water transportation are. Apart from boats, ferries and catamarans etc, one form of water transport that also doubles up as a tourism activity is Cruises. Cruise vacations are fast becoming popular and more affordable, with several leading cruise liners offering cruises ranging from one night to several months, depending on the itinerary.

Other forms of water transportation and tourism are the jet-foils, which cover large distances in a very short time, for example the regular ferry service between Hong Kong & Macau. Then there are pleasure cruises that can be had in almost any harbour, like the Sydney harbour cruise. Large lakes that are major tourist attractions also cater to tourists seeking seeking short duration cruises. Last but not the least is river cruises. In India too we have the Brahmaputra River cruise which is fast becoming popular with domestic tourists.

Seaside tourism, of course, is very common yet popular the world over and beach holiday options are available worldwide. Water based sports activities have now become an integral part of tourism. Activities like paragliding, snorkeling, wind-surfing and surf-boarding can be found at almost any seaside destination. Some destinations offer even more exotic activities like the undersea walk, which is available in Mauritius, Thailand and Australia. There are even mini-submarines, like the Blue Safari that operates in Mauritius.

Check out the presentation below to know more about seaside & beach tourism, cruises, and various forms of water-based tourism & transportation options available today.

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