Dealing With Angry Customers

Dealing With Angry Customers – The Pressure Cooker Syndrome In almost any business that one can think of, dealing with angry customers is unavoidable at some point or the other. The reasons why customers get angry may differ according to the situation. However, when one analyses the root cause of… Read Full Post

The $4 Million Complaint Call

My good friend Jatinder Kapur shared this story on Facebook, which I thought was a must-share. Here is the story – Several years ago, a single problem customer changed the fate of my company. Here’s the story. In business, we’re often all about the numbers–occasionally to a fault. I’m not… Read Full Post

Customer Service Tips Category Added

I decided to add this new section on the blog, primarily because Customer Service is one of my core training areas, and is also a subject that I am passionate about. As a Customer Service Coach / Trainer, I am always looking for examples to share with the trainees, and… Read Full Post

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