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The Labyrinth – Click To View Full Size

After having spent almost three weeks in EDCMOOC and trying to stay afloat amid loads and loads of information, blog posts, tweets and what have you, I was wondering about the Week 3 photo contest. My first reaction was to not participate, as I am not particularly great with photo-editing software. AND I have been travelling for work this week so there was hardly any time for me to work even on the course resources for this week, leave alone creation of an image inspired by the EDCMOOC.

But yesterday, I was struck by inspiration while working on a presentation that I need to do in the coming week. Powerpoint. I am reasonably good with it, and so it struck me that I could create an image using powerpoint. Now only thing that I needed to do was to decide upon a theme, which was relatively easier. Earlier this week I had made a blog-post about the future of social media, and the ubiquitous technology that seems to shape and dictate our lives. That, and the subsequent “Get Real” video of Toyota got me thinking. Considering the world that we are living in today – our exposure to information, our urge to stay connected, and the numerous distractions that are tugging at us from all directions, and the maze of technology that surrounds us – can we ever escape to “real’?  Or is real an illusion ?

And that is the underlying theme of my image. To create a labyrinth effect, I have used a “free to use, no attribution required” image of a circuit board in the backdrop, (sourced from, which again is symbolic of technology, and at the same time, it does give a maze sort of impression.

I do hope I have managed to convey through the image what I wanted to !

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  1. This is inspiring. I wonder, if the Information Highway is a two-way street? That would make it the closest passage to ‘Real’!

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