Now Mobile-Friendly Too !


I am happy to inform you that I have managed to finally make the site mobile friendly. I know it is way past high time that the site went mobile-friendly, but then, as they say – better late than never.

Had I been using a techie to handle my site, it would probably have got done much earlier. However, since I prefer to get my hands dirty messing around with the back-end myself, it has taken me a while longer, what with all the experimenting with various plug-ins and all. But nevertheless, it is done, and you will now be able to access the site – and the embedded presentations – anywhere on the go. I have tested the functionality on an Android and an I-phone 4S, and so far it seems to be working fine.

However, should you face any problems in accessing it on a handheld device, please do let me know, so that I can tweak it accordingly. Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance !

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